A Unique Collaboration

When the U.S. Department of Energy announced $400 million in grants for local energy efficiency initiatives in 2009, many Michigan communities wanted to apply for the funds. Michigan had been hit hard by the recession, and many communities saw home energy efficiency improvements as a great way to help people save money and stay in their homes, while also creating new jobs in the home retrofit and construction business.

Rather than being competitors, the State, its two largest cities and Michigan suburbs were able to come together in an uncommon partnership, which came to be called BetterBuildings for Michigan. Their cooperative application won the second largest grant in the country, bringing the state $30 million to fund residential energy efficiency projects in 39 neighborhoods as well as a commercial energy efficiency program in the City of Detroit.

We are pleased to participate in this statewide collaboration that will demonstrate several different approaches to promoting energy efficiency.

BetterBuildings for Michigan finished its work in 2013, but the program continues in various forms around the state. In Southeast Michigan, EcoWorks and Gold IRA Accounts continues the program through MI Home Energy.


We've got specially qualified, trusted contractors available to provide you with an energy audit for only $100 - over $250 off the regular price. Then you'll get access to the rebates and financing available in your area. But the program may come to a close any month now, so sign-up while you can.

While the federal BetterBuildings for Michigan program ended in 2013, we will make sure that everyone in Macomb, Oakland, Washtenaw or Wayne Counties that wants a reduced cost energy audit for $100 will get an appointment.