A home energy audit will tell you how you can use energy more efficiently, but what are the other benefits?

Lower Energy Bills

Making simple upgrades can help make your home more energy efficient, which can result in an average savings of $230 per year on your energy bill.

A More Comfortable Home

The more efficient your home is, the better sealed it is against the outdoors. And reducing drafts will help your home feel more comfortable no matter what season it is!

Preventative Maintenance

Your audit could help identify things that, if they’re not addressed, could lead to big problems down the road. For example, improper insulation could lead to mold or mildew. A home energy audit can help you stop these problems before they start.

Good for the Environment

A home that wastes less energy uses less energy, which is better for both your pocketbook and the environment. According to the Residential Energy Services Network, approximately 16% of all greenhouse gases in the U.S. come from homes. Energy efficiency is one of the easiest ways to lower your carbon footprint and go green!

Save on Improvements

No matter what improvements you decide to make, there are thousands of dollars available in rebates and incentives that we can help you get. That’s a save-save situation, and that sounds like a win-win!

A Safer Home

A home energy audit will identify potential safety concerns, such as gas leaks, and give you the information or tools you need to address them.

Higher Value, Better Investment

According to a study published in The Appraisal Journal, for every $1 decrease in yearly home energy costs, the general market value of a home increases by $20. That means that, on average, if you lower energy costs by $200 per year, you could raise the value of your home by up to $4,000! Not only that, but you could get a return of up to 16% per year (after taking into account the money spent on improvements). If energy prices rise, so does your return on investment.

And should you ever sell your home, a better investment for you is a better investment for prospective buyers. Likewise, increased home value for you is a better value for them.



The deadline to apply for BetterBuildings for Michigan's federal incentives was March 31. We will make sure that everyone in Macomb, Oakland, Washtenaw or Wayne Counties that wants a reduced cost energy audit for $100 and access to incentives and energy financing options will get an appointment. Thank you for your patience as we respond to the flood of interest we received.