Sterling Heights Couple Save 60% on New Furnace and A/C

Bob and Fran Pitlock, Sterling Heights
Home: Built in 1974, the Pitlock’s have lived here for 25 years.

Issues: The living room got chilly in the winter, and furnace and A/C were each over 15-years old.

Check-up: With insulation and efficient appliances, they’ll save an estimated $800 a year!

When Fran Pitlock saw an article in the paper about BetterBuildings for Michigan, it sounded like a good idea. She and her husband Bob have lived in the same home for 25 years and even though it’s in good shape, she wanted to see what the program had to offer.

They set an appointment and had an Energy Advisor from Wellhome visit for a full home check-up. Despite how long the Pitlock’s had lived there, the assessment still revealed a few unexpected issues.

“We were surprised to find out that there was a lot of air leakage around our brick fireplace,” Fran said. “Just getting the test with the infrared camera was worth the money.”

Some of the results of the checkup were less surprising. For example, the Pitlock’s furnace and air conditioner were each 15 years old. “They were still working fine,” Bob said, “but we knew were living on borrowed time.” Through BetterBuildings for Michigan they were able to get rebates of $1,800 from their utility provider – Consumers Energy – and we matched an additional $1,800. After all the rebates, getting 0% APR financing from Michigan Saves made the investment seem not just easy, but like a no-brainer!

“The incentives seems like a good deal,” Bob said, but the 0A% financing really put smiles on our faces. We didn’t have to pay anything today and there’s still a rebate check coming in the mail. It’s like we’re getting paid to do work on our house.”

After their new furnace, air conditioner, air filters and insulation were installed, the Pitlock’s are expected to save over $800 a year on their energy bills! After all the rebates, the upgrades will pay for themselves in just 6 years.

The Pitlocks were part of a special, pilot program available to only their neighborhood. But thanks to their participation and satisfaction (along with almost a hundred other families), a similar program will be available to all Sterling Heights neighborhoods starting in April 2012.


We've got specially qualified, trusted contractors available to provide you with an energy audit for only $100 - over $250 off the regular price. Then you'll get access to the rebates and financing available in your area. But the program may come to a close any month now, so sign-up while you can.

While the federal BetterBuildings for Michigan program ended in 2013, we will make sure that everyone in Macomb, Oakland, Washtenaw or Wayne Counties that wants a reduced cost energy audit for $100 will get an appointment.